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Academy and Academy Select

Academy Programs (9U and 10U)

The 9U and 10U years are the transitional years when it comes to soccer.  At these ages, we begin playing 7v7 on a bigger field, playing games against teams from other clubs, and training for longer periods of time. It is very important that the kids are placed in the proper soccer environment to meet their current soccer needs and ability level. With that in mind, Broomfield Soccer Club has two programs for the 9U and 10U age groups, the Academy and Academy Select Programs.


The Academy program is our traditional recreational soccer program.  This program is designed for players and families who have a lower commitment level, may be new to soccer, play other sports, just want to play with their friends, or may not be at the Select level according to the assessments. Parents have the ability to request practice days and times as well as friends or a specific coach. (The club works very hard to meet these requests, however we cannot guarantee that every request can be met.)

The teams at the Academy level participate in the Recreational League through Colorado Soccer Association. This league involves travel, but more locally to locations such as Westminster, Boulder, Longmont, etc. The teams in our recreational program are coached by a dedicated group of volunteer coaches who give a tremendous amount of time to the program. 

Age group: 9U & 10U
Roster size: 10 to 12
Practices: Two practices a week, 75 minutes in length (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)
Game day: Saturdays
Game structure 7 vs. 7, Two twenty-five minute periods. 
Coaches: Parent Volunteers
Uniform: Nike uniform kit (separate purchase required)
Equipment needed: Size 4 ball (separate purchase required)
Team formation: Based on registration

Academy Select

The Academy Select program is designed for kids who have displayed the ability to play at a higher level through an assessment process. The program requires a higher commitment level from both the parents and the player. Through an assessment process, 45 to 50 players will be invited to join the age group (separate pool for 9U and 10U). There are no requests for this program. The Director of Recreation will divide the players into training group pools and teams. The entire ‘09 age group will practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights from either 5-6:15 or 6:15-7:30 depending on the team. The ‘08 will train on Monday and Wednesday nights during the same time period. There will be Street Soccer and Tactical Training for the age group pools every other Friday. The training pools will train 2-3 nights a week. In addition, there will be seven weeks of professional training for each team during the season to assist the parent volunteer head coach.  The Academy Select teams play in the Intermediate League through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA). This involves travel within Metro Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and occasionally Vail. There are also additional costs at this level, because of the additional training time with professional trainers.

Age group: 9U & 10U
Roster size: 10 to 13
Practices: Two to three practices a week, 75 minutes in length (either Monday and Wednesday with additional Fridays or Tuesday and Thursday with additional Fridays)
Game day: Saturdays
Game structure 7 vs. 7, Two twenty-five minute periods.
Coaches: Parent Volunteers and Trainer
Uniform: Nike uniform kit (separate purchase required)
Equipment needed: Size 4 ball (separate purchase required)
Team formation: By invitation based on assessment, there are no requests in this program.

Are you interested in becoming an Academy Select Coach?  Click here for the Academy Select Coach Application.


In October, the club be hosting Mixers for the 2010 and 2009 birth years for players who are not currently enrolled in the program..  The 9U Mixer (2010 birthyear) will take place Tuesday Oct 2, 4:45 - 5:45p at Highland Park practice fields.  The 10U Mixer (2009 birthyear) will take place Wednesday Oct 3, 4:45 - 5:45p.  Registration is required.

In May the club will be hosting Mixers for the 2011 and 2010 birth years.

The purpose of the Mixers is to assess players for the Academy Select program. (If a player is not interested in the Select program, they need not attend the Mixer. They would simple register in June for the Academy program in the fall or December for the Academy program in the spring.) 

How do I learn more?

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation with information about the Academy / Academy Select Program and the Mixers that was presented on April 10, 2017.

Which level is right for my child?

At both levels, the primary focus is on player development.  As players get older and the level of play increases the amount of time and space a child has to play in becomes more limited. 

We strongly encourage you to watch your child play and assess your child’s current ability level to see which program you think is the best fit for your child.  Below is an assessment chart to use when watching you child play during a game that might be helpful with your assessment.

How to assess players during the game:



Ball Control

Passing and Receiving




What the coach should look for.

What does the player do when they are presented with a 1v1 situation?

How confident is the player when in possession of the ball.

What does the player do when they receive the ball?

Is the player activity involved in the game?

How does the player approach attacking?

How does the player approach defending?

Gold Standard

Attacks the defender at speed and uses foot skills to beat an opponent.

Player uses different surface of the foot and body to manipulate the ball.

Controls the ball and keeps it close to them so they can play the ball with their next touch.

Influences the pace and tempo of the game. Always looking to be involved in the game.

Rarely give the ball away. Often tries to attack players trying to get to goal.

Pressures the ball. Forces attackers away from goal or often separates attacker from ball.

Silver Standard

Only attempts to try and dribble past an opponent 50% of the time.

Player moves with the ball only when not under pressure of another player.

Needs a couple of touches to prepare the pass. Unsure where the pass is going.

Slow to react to the changing pace of the game. Spends more time chasing the ball.

Tries to join the attack. First touch is usually to long putting them into tackles.

Good starting position but has moderate success stopping players going to goal.

Academy Standard

Prefers to pass or kick the ball away.

Gets rid of the ball as quickly as possible. Heavy touch – not comfortable with the ball.

Loses possession of the ball without much pressure.

Rarely involved in the play.

Stays in a stationary position waiting for the ball to find them

Does not chase ball or attacker. Unbalanced starting position. Usually standing waiting to defend.



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