About Coach Licenses & Diplomas

There are two organizations in the United State which offer formal, recognized soccer coaching education: the US Soccer Federation (USSF) and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). The courses on offer by these groups provide coaches with both theory and practical knowledge on how to teach the game. Just like being a good student doesn't make you a good teacher, being a great player "back in the day" doesn't necessarily mean you'll be successful as a coach.

Earning a basic USSF license or NSCAA diploma (or both!) will help you learn the right way to structure practices, demonstrate a skill, teach tactics and encourage your players in a positive manner. It will also improve your own confidence and make your experience as a coach more enjoyable.

In the grid below is a list of the most common USSF and NSCAA courses. The "Hrs" columns indicate the amount of time needed to take the course. Courses that are on the same row are roughly the equivalent (e.g. the USSF State E Certificate is equivalent in content and time to the NSCAA Level 6 Diploma). The courses in red have traditionally been held one or more times around the Denver metro in any given calendar year. In the past, the blue courses have been sporadically held around the Denver metro, but are becoming increasingly common. Because of the frequency of these courses, taking a course isn't a big logistical challenge: you really only need time and a willingness to improve.

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