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BSC Background (8)

How the Club works, the board, procedures and policies.

The Broomfield Soccer Club (BSC) is an independent, volunteer, nonprofit corporation that provides educational and recreational soccer to Broomfield girls and boys. The Club provides for the administration of the program as well as the recruitment of coaches, referees, and players. The administration of the BSC is managed by a Board of Directors. (Refer to the Bylaws for more information.)

BSC is affiliated with Colorado State Youth Soccer Association (CYS), which is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), which is affiliated with the Federal International Football Association (FIFA). FIFA is the international organization governing all soccer play worldwide.

BSC provides a fall and spring season each year for youth ages 4-16. The program is divided into age groups. At the lower age groups the emphasis is on learning skills, fundamentals of soccer, and sportsmanship. Team standings are not kept. The emphasis is on learning soccer skills and sportsmanship.

The Broomfield Blast Soccer Association (BBSA) is part of the BSC, providing for competitive soccer play for advanced players age 10 and over. The teams compete in the advanced (competitive) divisions in the CSYSA. The success of the BSC comes from the many volunteers who give their time to help Broomfield youth learn about the great sport of soccer. Many volunteers started with little or no soccer experience and have progressed with their children to become both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the sport.

To find out, visit our Governance page.

Visit our Contact Us page or drop us a line on our Contact form.

Visit our Governance page and download the current bylaws at the bottom of the page.

Absolutely! BSC's Blast program offers U11+ players interested in the competitive soccer experience the opportunity to compete against the best players in Colorado through CYS advanced league play. Please visit our About Blast page for more details.

Camps (1)

Yes!  BSC's Blast program offers a camp for U10+ players. BSC also has a relationship with Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps and their summer programs are amongst those recommended by the Club for younger players.  For more information on area camps, visit our Camps page.

Game Day Info (9)

From field locations to snacks to uniforms, all the logistical details.

You'll have information such as Highland Park Field #3. To find Highland Park, see our Driving Directions page. To locate Field #3 is, see our Field Maps page.

If all you have is a short hand code from a team roster, first see our Field Codes page to determine your location, then use the pages mentioned above to find the park and field.

A complete breakdown of uniform recommendations and requirements can be found on our Uniforms - Rec & Academy and Uniforms - Blast pages.

It is recommended that you obtain the free Weatherbug app for smartphones.  Within that app is a function called Spark that shows you how far away lightning is.  If lightning is within 10 miles of the you, the activity should be suspended and all players and coaches should seek shelter.  Please note that the pavilions are not the safest shelter point.  Please take shelter in a vehicle.

If you do not have the Weatherbug app, should an air to ground lightning strike be observed or should thunder be heard, the activity should be suspended and all players and coaches should seek shelter.

Once the activity has been suspended because of lightning or thunder, it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning is observed or thunder is heard before resuming the activity. Given the average rates of travel for thunderstorms, the storm should move 10-12 miles away from the area during that time. Any subsequent lightning or thunder after the beginning of the 30 minute period should reset the clock and another 30 minute wait period should begin.

Remember, the safety of the players takes priority over your practice.

Additional information can be found at:

US Youth Soccer Lightning Safety

Please review the following documents from CYS:

Registration (8)

Questions and answers about registration.

Fall 2011 Refund Policy

Refund Request Date Refund
Rec U4-U14 *: Registration Date - June 15th -July 15th, 2011 100% refund minus a $5 non-refundable registration fee
Rec U4-U14 *: July 16th - August 7th, 2011

50% refund minus a $5 non-refundable registration fee

Rec U4-U14 *: August 8th or later No refund
Non-placement, relocation or documented player injury 100% refund minus a $5 non-refundable registration fee upon review and approval by the Registrar
* Except Option 1, Cross Quad & Blast Competitive  
Refund Request Date Refund
Option 1: After June 30, 2011 No refund
Cross Quad: After July 10, 2011 No refund
Blast Competitive: After June 30th No refund


One number controls division eligibility - how old the player was on the prior July 31, which is his/her League or Playing Age. A soccer year is comprised of two seasons, fall and spring ... in that order. Players do not change League or Playing Age between fall and spring. If a player is U10 for the fall season, he or she will be U10 for the spring season.

The "U" in U6 (or U4 or U17) means "Under" a certain age. If Johnny is five years old at 11:59 p.m. on the July 31 prior to the registration period, he's a natural U6 player ... he's under six years old on July 31. Even if he turns six on August 1, Johnny's a U6 player for that fall and the following spring, when a large number of players will be six as well. All clubs playing under the auspices of Colorado Youth Soccer (CYS) use the same date to determine League or Playing Age.

In the unusual circumstance that Johnny (or Joanie) is significantly more advanced than the rest of the players in his/her age division, the parents may choose to place him (or her) in one age division higher than the natural choice. Johnny, if he's a real go-getter, may play in U7, because while he was under six years old on the prior August 1, he was also under seven.

BSC requests that any parent who desires to place a player more than one age division above the natural division contact them before attempting to register that player. In special circumstances, BSC will authorize playing up two age divisions. On the other hand, CYS is clear in its prohibition against placing players in age divisions below their natural division, except in the case of demonstrable medical need or disability.

Yes, yes there is. Review the documents in the "Ages, Leagues & Levels" folder on our Parents' Tools - Rec & Academy page.

Yes, yes there is. Review the documents in the "Ages, Leagues & Levels" folder on our Parent's Tools - Rec & Academy page.

Cross Quadrant and Option 1 are recreational programs administered by Colorado Youth Soccer (CYS). Most teams choose to complete in the north Denver Metro FlatIrons League, but some BSC teams choose to play in CYS's Cross Quadrant (U9 only) or Option 1 (U10-up) leagues.

In both U9 Cross Quadrant and U10 Option 1, there are usually three levels each with multiple flights.  Bronze flights are the lowest level and comparable to the "B" or "A" tiers in the FlatIrons League.  Silver flights are more challenging and Gold flights represents the strongest U9 or U10 teams in the state.  Depending on the number of teams that register for these leagues, there colors may be combined (Bronze / Silver or Silver / Gold).  There may also be just a single flight in a color or multiple flights.

For U11+ Option 1, there is usually just a single color (Gold) and no flighting because many players on U10 Option 1 teams tend to try-out and move to Competitive play for there U11 year and beyond.

In addition to the levels, these programs are state-wide leagues, so teams participating in the program could come from outside the Denver metro including Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Vail and even Grand Junction.  Teams need to be prepared for long drives and perhaps overnight trips.

These programs, though intended for more advanced players, remain recreational. Coaches of Cross Quadrant and Option 1 teams are bound by the same rules around equal playing time and prohibitions around recruiting / try-outs as any other recreational coach. In Option 1, players are required to present CYS-generated Player Cards before each match and coaches must possess a CYS-generated official roster in order to play.

Additionally, for a team to compete in Cross Quadrant or Option 1, they must meet the following key requirements:

  • Roster must be intact recreational teams, formed in the usual recreational manner, without tryouts or any other selection process intended to strengthen the team
  • U9 Cross Quad and U10 Option 1 teams must have and maintain a minimum of 51% of their players returning from the prior season
  • U11+ Options 1 teams must maintain a minimum of 40% of their players returning from the prior season
  • Each U9 Cross Quad team may have no more than 3 underage U8 players on its roster (natural U7 players are not allowed to participate)
  • Each U10 Option 1 team may have no more than 3 underage U9 players on its roster (natural U8 players are not allowed to participate)

In some rare instances, players are not sufficiently challenged in the age group into which they naturally fall by birth date. Parents who face this situation have the option of placing their player in the next-older age group, hence "playing up," to provide a more satisfying soccer experience. Please note that this policy does not apply to children who were not yet three years old on the July 31 before the fall and spring season in question - those children are ineligible to play until the following fall season.

While this practice solves the near-term problem of a less than challenging age group, parents should consider that playing their child up from year-to-year may present a set of different problems. Playing up presents is the reality that children will be playing with an older group of players. There is no way to overstate the many reasons that children are better off playing with their peers ... BSC is working to empower its coaches to address a wide variety of skill and experience levels within age groups so that parents may place their gifted players in their natural age groups without penalizing them for having more experience or natural ability than some of their counterparts.

As players mature, BSC addresses this problem directly by offering a tiered system in U9 and U10, where more advanced players may select "B" or "A" programs within the proper age group. We recommend that parents carefully think through the ramifications of playing up their child before proceeding. Waiting until the stratified program begins in U9 is the best bet for all but the very most advanced players in BSC.

Registration is 1 month in length and runs from December 15 through January 15 for the spring season and June 15 through July 15 for the fall season. Register early as space is limited in many programs.

If you haven't heard from your coach by the week before the first game, email your League Manager on the Recreational Program Committee. See also the BSC Home Page for Season Dates.

Team Formation (1)

Questions and answers about team formation at BSC.

The "U" stands for "Under," so a U6 team would be composed of kids who are younger than six years old on the preceding July 31. This applies for the fall season and the following spring season. See this question for more information on League Age.

Tournaments (5)

Info about tournaments that teams may attend.

Yes, many teams choose to participate in tournaments both around Denver and further afield.  While playing in tournaments is not required, it can be a special part of a team's experience.  However, tournaments can be expensive, a bit time consuming and come with different pressures on players, coaches and parents.  Before signing up for a tournament, coaches and parents should familiarize themselves with how tournaments work and prepare themselves for the challenge.  It's just as easy for a tournament to be a positive experience as a negative one, so preparation and awareness are critical.

For those teams that do participate in tournaments, BSC has seen increasing levels of success in terms of teams advancing to semi-final and final games.  See our Tournament Success page for more details.

Kohl's American Cup is played each spring at the Gates Soccer Complex and accepts U5 to U8 teams.  Information and registration details are now available for Kohl's American Cup 2010. CLICK HERE for more information.

Stenger Invitational hosted by Edge Soccer Club in Arvada. This tournament accepts U7 to U18 teams and is recreationally oriented.  It typically takes place Memorial Day Weekend, making it a great way to cap off your spring season.  For more information, go HERE


Colorado Cup hosted by Colorado United in Littleton.  This tournament accepts U9 and U10 teams and is recreationally oriented.  It typically takes place in early March prior to the start of the season, making it a great way to kick off your spring campaign.  For more information, go HERE.



Prodigy Cup hosted by Pride Soccer Club in Colorado Springs. This tournament accepts U7 to U11 teams and is recreationally oriented.  It typically takes place in mid May, making it a good alternative to the larger Stenger Invitational mentioned above.  For more information, go HERE.



Rock Cup hosted by Colorado Elite Soccer Club in Castle Rock. This tournament accepts U5 to U13 teams and is recreationally oriented.  It typically takes place in early June, making it a good alternative to the larger Stenger Invitational mentioned above.  For more information, go HERE.


The CYS Recreational Tournaments web page and CYS Sanctioned Tournaments web page are a good source of information as well.

There are a number of CYS-sanctioned tournaments which take place each summer around the state, but the premier pre-season tournament is the Broomfield Shootout held each August.  The tournament includes U9 and U10 rec classifications.  It's a top notch event which is played in our backyard and hosted by BSC's competitive arm Broomfield Blast.  If you only play one tournament each summer, this should be the one.

For those interested in a "destination tournament", the Mountain Soccer Tournament hosted by the Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Assocication provides an option that's still relatively close to home.  Held each summer in mid July, this tournament offers a U10 rec classification in addition to it's competitive divisions for older players.

Another tournament to consider would be the Pride of the Rockies Classic hosted by Pride Soccer Club in Colorado Springs.  Held each summer at the end of August on the Air Force Academy Soccer Fields, this tournament offers U9 and U10 rec classifications in addition to it's competitive divisions for older players.

The CYS Recreational Tournaments web page and CYS Sanctioned Tournaments web page are a good source of information as well.

Each fall, BSC sends upwards of twenty-five U9-up teams to the CYS Cup, the state soccer association's premier recreational tournament.  Please check back as the fall season approaches for more information.  The CYS Recreational Tournaments web page and CYS Sanctioned Tournaments web page are a good source of information as well.

Winter is an interesting time with a variety of small-sided indoor events taking place. Most focus on U9-up teams, but there are options for younger players as well. Here are a few:

5-3-1 Challenge hosted by Coerver Colorado accepts U9 to U15 teams. This unique event is usually held Thanksgiving weekend.  Teams of up to 8 players play a series of 40 minute matches consisting of three segments: a 16 minute 5v5 game (with keeper), an 8 minute 3v3 game and a set of six 75 90-second 1 v 1 duels in a small space with short boards. For more information, go HERE.

Holidays in the Bubble hosted by Real Colorado accepts U7 to U13 teams. This 4 v 4 (no keeper) event is typically held between Christmas and New Year’s and takes place at the Sports Dome in Centennial. The facility has a full 11 v 11 size pitch which they divide up into 4 smaller fields for the tournament. There are no side boards.  For more information, go HERE.

Winter Indoor Classic hosted by Regis University is held across a number of different weekends in January (depending on the age group). The event accepts U8 and U9 rec teams for 4 v 4 (no keeper) on a smaller sport court. U10 and up play 5 v 5 (with keeper) on a larger sport court, but with a futsal ball. There are no side boards for either court.  For more information, go HERE.

COACHES PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Please be aware that few winter events have different skill level divisions.  For U11+, this means competitive and recreational teams will mostly likely be mixed together.  For U9 / U10, it means teams playing in FlatIrons League will be mixing in with U9 CrossQuad and U10 Option 1 teams.  While this should not discourage you from competing, you should set appropriate expectations with players and parents.

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