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By Technology Director February 15, 2013 - 8:10pm

If all you have is a short hand code from a team roster, see our Field Codes page to determine your location.

Already know which field you're playing on, but not sure how to drive there? See our Driving Directions page.

The maps below show the locations of various soccer fields as we've laid them out at the parks and schools used for practices and games. For example, if you've been told that your practice is at Kohl #2, West Goal, the Kohl map below will show you where that is.

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Addresses for Parks in Broomfield.pdf37.22 KB
Anthem Practice.pdf163.7 KB
Aspen Creek K-8 School.pdf133.37 KB
Brandywine West Park.pdf307.96 KB
Broadlands Game Day.pdf482.51 KB
Broadlands Practice.pdf161.87 KB
Broomfield Commons Blue Pod Spring 2013.pdf246.61 KB
Broomfield Commons Overview.pdf225.91 KB
Broomfield Commons Red Pod Spring 2014.pdf565.74 KB
Broomfield Heights Middle School.pdf110.68 KB
Columbine Meadows Park.pdf133.83 KB
Country Vista Practice Field.pdf210.11 KB
Coyote Ridge.pdf209.39 KB
Crofton Park.pdf244.78 KB
Discovery Park.pdf205.87 KB
Greenway Park.pdf335.36 KB
Highland Park - Game Fields.pdf13.09 KB
Highland Park Practice.pdf227.33 KB
Kohl Elementary School.pdf121.63 KB
Legacy Game Day Parking.pdf333.03 KB
Legacy Game Day.pdf557.74 KB
Legacy Practice.pdf216.44 KB
Meridian ES Fall 2011.pdf548.88 KB
Northmoor Park.pdf488.3 KB
Wildgrass Practice.pdf307.37 KB
Willow Park.pdf256.66 KB
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