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Game Day Procedure

1.     The importance of referees to look the part cannot be stressed highly enough. Wearing the proper uniform translates directly to a much higher level of credibility on the field from both spectators and players. If you look professional, people will take you seriously. The proper uniform is defined by the following bullet points:

  • The official jersey is gold with black pinstripes. Other colors are not often used at the recreational level.
  • Shorts should be solid black of a soccer-style or referee-style cut and as few white markings as possible. No basketball shorts!
  • Black socks with three white stripes at the top.
  • Tuck in jerseys, wear black shoes, and display patch proudly.
  • Although the official time is kept by the center referee, every referee should have a watch.
  • All referees should have a red and yellow card, pen/pencil, their own set of flags and a referee booklet to record match data.
  • No earrings, hats or basketball shorts please. During cold weather, it is permissible to wear ear warmers, hats, pants, long sleeves, and jackets. Please make sure that these are worn under the uniform.

2.     Please review the BSC Laws of the Game (LOTG) for the particular age group you will be refereeing prior to your assignment. Always review your FIFA Laws of the Game and any memorandums which modify these laws.

3.     Please arrive at the field 20 minutes before kick-off. Start your games on time. It is up to you to keep the games running as close to the schedule as possible.

4.     10 minutes before the game starts, check to make sure the goals and nets are set up properly, check player rosters (for U9 and up) for both teams, check player equipment to make sure it is all legitimate for play, and ensure that all players remove earrings, necklaces, and/or bracelets.

5.     Call for captains at the center circle.  Home team should provide a game ball.  Visiting team calls it in the air.  Winner of the toss chooses which direction they would like to attack and the other team gets to kick off.

6.     All referees should keep track of time, score, cards, date and teams playing, but you do not have to turn in scorecards.

7.     If you have to administer a caution or ejection at a match, take note of the player’s number and what they did to warrant the caution or ejection. After the game is over, please call or email your assignor immediately to describe what happened.

8.     If weather is inclement, or if it has rained a lot the night before a game, call the BSC Hotline at (303) 466-0096 to determine whether matches have been canceled. If you show up to a canceled game you will not get paid. If however, you are officiating a game and play is suspended due to the weather conditions, you will be paid in full for that game only.

9.     If you see lightning please nearby, the game must be suspended. All players need to seek shelter away from the field.  An average lightning delay lasts about 30 minutes and BSC asks that you wait to resume games until the signal has been given.

10.   If you encounter any bad experiences or difficulties during a match please call or email your assignor. Your input is always welcome and it helps us make this a fun job!


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