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What is the BSC Juggling Club?

The BSC Juggling Club objective is to encourage BSC players to improve their touch and ball familiarity in a fun and challenging way.  Juggling in and of itself is not a barometer of one's soccer ability, but it is an extremely useful and recognized method of becoming more comfortable with the ball at your feet and developing ball manipulation skills.  Juggling does not make you a good player, but all good players can juggle!

How does it work?

Touches: Only touches with the feet count towards the total number of juggles.  Other parts of the body may be used to keep the ball in the air (apart from the hands!), but those touches will not count towards the total number of juggles.  For example, if a player uses a thigh to keep the ball in the air, the touch does not count, but the player may continue their count with the next touch with their feet (e.g. one foot, two foot, thigh, three foot would count as three touches).

Honor System: Players do not need an adult to count or be present.  The players are responsible for accurately counting the number of touches on the ball.  The player's BSC coach, in conjunction with the Director of Academy and Rec Soccer, Bill Stara, will be responsible for confirming the player's ability matches their reported touch count with a small test.  BSC's staff decisions are final on any discrepancies or disputes.  

Reporting: Once a target has been reached, a player should report their count to their coach who will in turn contact the Director of Academy and Rec Soccer, Bill Stara, at [email protected].  Once it has been confirmed the player's count matches their ability level, a time and place will be determined to hand out the prize.

25 Club - Certificate and Wristband
50 Club - Certificate and Wristband
100 Club - Certificate and Wristband
Legend Club - 500+ - Certificate and Special Prize!

Juggling Tips

1 - Always put your foot down and re-establish balance after each and every touch.

2 - Involve the weaker foot too.  Although this is usually harder for beginning jugglers, once the weaker foot becomes consistently involved, your rate of juggling improvement will accelerate.

3 - Establish a pattern.  Higher scores are much easier to achieve if you establish a pattern and stick with it (e.g. right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot).  If you have to change from the pattern following a poor touch, work hard to re-establish the pattern and settle back into your normal rhythm.

4 - Set goals for yourself.  These can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  Put a target on the calendar and work to reach a certain number of juggles by that date.  Make sure your goals are reasonable and your rate of improvement will be that much quicker!

5 - Be patient!  Improving as a soccer player requires patience and discipline.  Work hard and don't get frustrated when things go wrong.  The more you put in, the more you get out!


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