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Tournament/Travel Guide

Broomfield Soccer Club Competitive Team Tournament Guide

Approval Process

All teams wishing to play in ANY tournament must receive approval for each tournament through the coaching directors.  This includes tournaments that are included in player registration fees and any additional tournaments in which the team elects to participate.  Teams may not compel players who do not wish to play in additional tournaments to pay additional fees.  If teams are approved for a tournament and players have elected not to play, the tournament entry fee and coach fees must be divided only among the group of players that have elected to participate. 

Coach Tournament Fees

Coaches will receive, from their teams, the following fees for each travel tournament (>90 miles) in which the team participates.  (These fees are not included in registration costs.);·        

Meals - $40 per diem (average $10 breakfast, $10 lunch, $20 dinner)·        

Transportation – If flying, a flight with the rest of the team shall be covered, or if unable to fly with the team, a flight of equal or lesser value.  If a coach drives their own vehicle greater than 90 miles (coaches do not receive mileage reimbursement for Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins tournaments), reimbursement will be at the IRS Standard Mileage Rate (2017 – 53.5 cents/mile).  If the team flies to a tournament and a coach elects to drive, the reimbursement will be for the lesser of the two options.  Car rentals for out of state tournaments will be provided by the team when necessary, and coaches will be reimbursed by the team for gas with receipts, and for the car rental fee.  ·        

Lodging – Coaches will be provided by the team with a hotel room at the same hotel as the team, for the same nights as the team is staying at the hotel.  If a team opts not to stay in a hotel (for example, in Colorado Springs/Ft. Collins tournaments), the coach will also not be reimbursed if they decide to stay.  Whether or not a team decides to stay in a hotel for a front range tournament is a team decision.  Any additional nights prior to or after the team arrives or leaves will be the coach’s responsibility.  If, for whatever reason, the coach is unable to obtain a hotel room at the same hotel as the team, the coach will receive reimbursement at the rate of the team hotel or the hotel in which they are staying, whichever is the lesser of the two.

League Play Reimbursement

There is no reimbursement for meals, transportation or lodging for league play.  This is part of “normal business” and is covered in coach fees.

Age Group Policy 

Rooming arrangements:

  • 11U-13U – Players are expected to stay with other players and have a chaperone (of the same sex) stay in the designated room or to stay with parents or a chaperone (of the same sex) set up by a player’s parent or parents.  The per room ratio is 3 players and 1 chaperone per room.
  • 14U-19U – Players are expected to stay with other players and have chaperones or parents stay in separate rooms in the same hotel on the same floor.  The per room ratio is 4 players per room.
  • Coaches shall not have players stay in their rooms unless the player is related to the coach.  Coaches cannot hold team meetings in their individual rooms.

All decisions should be based on keeping the safety and security of the players in mind at all times. 


  1. Required: All Chaperones must have a background check performed.  Chaperones need to fill out a Volunteer Disclosure form and provide a copy of a government issued picture ID (e.g., driver’s license) in order for a background check to be performed and the results returned prior to the tournament or travel.  The disclosure form must be filed with the BSC office at least two weeks prior to leaving for the excursion.  The individual must pass his/her background check in order to chaperone the players.
  2. Required: Chaperones or Coaches must not consume alcohol or other controlled substances if they are responsible for any vehicular transportation concerning players or members or are participating in any official capacity.
  3. Required:  Ensure the appropriate CSA forms have been filed (e.g., out of state tournaments, etc.)
  4. Make sure prescription medicines are full and labeled accurately prior to the trip.  Notify the coach and/or chaperone(s) of any required medication.
  5. Have an ‘emergency plan.’ Discuss with your team what your player, family or chaperone would do in the event of an emergency while away from home. Include a copy of your medical insurance card (if appropriate) who to call, a meeting place, phone numbers, etc. If a chaperone is in charge of your player, include a signed letter stating such.
  6. The coach may have certain expectations and rules that lay outside of the general scope of club policy.  Please adhere to those guidelines as well as standards set forth by BSC. For example, curfew, diet, recreation activities, etc. 


  1. Teams are encouraged to make every effort to travel together (same flight, carpool, etc).
  2. Required:  When booking rental vehicles, ALL team participants expected to travel in the vehicle must have their own seatbelt.  Ensure individual state laws and parents’ experiences are taken into account when booking or handling large passenger vans.     

Travel/Tournament Hotel Safety

  1. Prior to selecting a hotel, the travel coordinator should gather, weigh and decide on the hotel based on the following criteria:  tournament required hotels, location (safety, proximity to fields, airport, restaurants, and entertainment), internet access, and complimentary meals.
  2. Teams (players, coaches, and chaperones) are expected to stay at the same hotel.
  3. Make sure all players understand emergency exit routes in case of the need to evacuate and have a common gathering place to ensure all team members are accounted for. Make sure each player understands elevators are not to be used when smoke or fire is present.
  4. Players are to understand team curfews and the importance of not having people, other than team participants, in their room.
  5. Free time should only be permitted at structured, supervised times and locations.  Consider using a buddy system so that at least one other team member knows the whereabouts of each player.


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