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As you are likely aware, the United States Soccer Federation has mandated some changes to the structure of youth soccer across the country.  In addition, the Colorado Soccer Association has decided to restructure the competitive leagues in the state of Colorado.  With all of these changes, the staff at Broomfield Soccer Club has created what will be called the “Player Development First Initiative” (PD1) to help guide our players and families through these transitions.  

Why “PD1”?  Through our discussions on implementation of these changes it has become clear that the best way to proceed is to take into account three important factors; First – What is best for the player?  Second – What is best for the team?  Third – What is best for the club?  We understand that for some, this transition will present challenges, while for others it will present opportunity.  

Rest assured, the staff is and will be working diligently to make these transitions as smooth as possible for everyone.  We have created a dedicated tab under "resources" above to keep you up to date on all developments.  When new content is posted, we will update it here.

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